Slayer's Kerry King

Slayer’s Kerry King Jokes About Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine & ‘Big Four’ Rivalry


Slayer guitarist Kerry King was asked if he ever saw current tourmates Anthrax as a rival back in the day in a new interview over at Both bands are of course considered members of the “big four” alongside Metallica and Megadeth. King shared the following reply about it, while also throwing a little shade at Megadeth founder Dave Mustaine in the process:

“Yeah, for sure. When the “big four” came out. When we did the tour ‘Clash Of The Titans‘ [with Megadeth] around ’90, ’91, it was always, you know, you couldn’t really be at war after that point. We thought we were better than everybody. I would imagine Anthrax probably did too. Dave Mustaine thinks that to this day. [Laughs]”

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