Behemoth's Nergal

Behemoth’s Nergal On His Me And That Man Side Project: “I Never Said It’s A Country Band”


The various early clips Behemoth vocalist/guitarist Nergal released of his upcoming side project, Me And That Man, suggested a bluegrass/folk vibe the project, leading many to assume it’s a country oriented venture. Nergal himself has now set the record straight:

Oh well… I have never said it's a country band. It does include country or rockabilly element but there is some folkish touch to it as well as we used some accordeon, violin or mouth harp. Overall it has blues vibe all over… It does flirt with various genres! I bet there's even a bit of post punk favours there as well. Its SUPER diverse and I'm loving it! It'a not metal yet it's pretty fuckin' dark and it's 100% me. It's beyond honest! I love Madrugada, Lenoard Cohen, Wovenhand, Nick Cave and more… and I wouldn't be surprised if you find these inspirations in this new music. Then I'm aware of the fact that some of metal die hards do have problem with the fact that people who are metal heads are exploring more than one genre, more than one universe. And I'm fine with that but I'm on the other side of the fence here. I'm all about diversity, I'm all about adventure…! Look at Bruce Dickinson. Fronting one of the biggest bands in history doesn't stop him from writing books, fencing, broadcasting or being an aircraft pilot!!!?? What a man! Who can fuckin' top this, ha? I know it sounds like cliche but fuckin' BE YOURSELF! Despite opinions, prejudices or whatever: EXPLORE yourself, learn, observe and GROW even if you fail… Keep in mind there's always rise after fall! Look at kids… It takes them billions of tries and attempts til they learn how to walk! So… We are releasing ME AND THAT MAN album next year! We are working on handful of shows across the globe as well. Stay tuned! AND, if one day you see me writing another book, starring in a theatre play, climbing an Everest or starting a family with bunch dogs, cats and kids and happy wife, or all at the same time, DO NOT BE SURPRISED! No criticism or taboo can stop me from learning WHO I REALLY AM. There's always full awareness and passion behind my acts and it's all coz my pure LOVE for life and freedom! Hope I didn't bore you to death with this statement?? Just remember what Frank Zappa said: "brains are like parachute: when closed they NEVER work". Have an awesome Sunday folks??????

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The band’s debut album, “Love Is A Dog From Hell“, will be released early next year.

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