Architects Drummer Speaks On Touring Without His Brother Tom Searle


Architects have been out on the road in Australia with Bring Me The Horizon this month playing their first tour since the untimely passing of their guitarist Tom Searle to cancer this past August. Tom‘s brother, drummer Dan Searle, has shared the following of how that experience has been thus far:

“We’re 4/7ths of our way through our first tour since Tom passed away and we’re slowly adjusting to the new reality and finding our feet more with each passing day. There’s been some enormously emotional moments for us on this tour, both on and off stage, but we’re glad to be here and we can honestly say that coming to Australia was the right thing to do.

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Anyone who has experienced a big loss in their lives will know that grief comes in waves and it can hit at any given moment, so its a bit of a lottery as to where our heads are at each night but we’re getting through it, sticking together and working through it one day at a time.

Thank you to everyone who has watched and supported us at each show. The band faded into the background for a long period of time and this tour has been a great reminder as to why we love doing this so much. Thank you.

Dan x”

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