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Max & Iggor Cavalera Talk “Roots” 20th Anniversary Tour, Recording “Lookaway” With Mike Patton


This month Max and Iggor Cavalera will take to the road for the ‘Max And Iggor Cavalera Return To Roots Tour‘, during which the two brothers will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their former band Sepultura‘s album “Roots” with full-performances. The pair recently spoke to about how the tour came to be and also shared some experiences from the recording sessions for “Roots“.

On when they came up for the idea for the tour:

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Max Cavalera: “I did a Soulfly show in England last year, and Iggor was living there. We jammed “Roots Bloody Roots,” and the place went nuts; it was wild! And I remember Gloria backstage talking to us; she was like, “I think you guys should do the whole record. I think it would be great!” I looked at Iggor and said, “I think we can do it!” And Iggor was like, “Yeah, I think we can do it, too!” There’s a lot of cool stuff on it that we’ve never played live, not even when we were on tour for it. So we have the chance to do that now, and it’s killer.”

Iggor Cavalera: “It is quite exciting, and for me it’s quite a challenge. When you go on tour and play a record from start to finish, you’re not just thinking of how to make a setlist; it’s like the audience is listening to the whole record, but they’re also watching you play it.”

On recording “Lookaway” with Jonathan Davis of Korn and Mike Patton of Faith No More:

Iggor: “I’d been friends with Mike forever, and we always tried to collaborate together on different projects. … He delivered an amazing, totally Mike Patton thing, where he totally goes off using his voice as an instrument.”

Max: “I remember the first day that he showed up in the studio, he had a briefcase with him. I was like, ‘What’s in the briefcase, Mike?’ And he said, ‘This is what I need to record!’ He opened it up, and there was some kind of vocal delay effects box in there, and a bottle of red wine! [Laughs.] That was just so cool – it was like a 007 thing!”

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