Jason Newsted

Ex-Metallica Bassist Jason Newsted Reveals Why He Walked Away From Newsted


Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted has spoken out on why he essentially walked away from his Newsted metal project a few years back just as the project was beginning to build up steam, complete with a second album largely written. Speaking recently with ‘Eddie Trunk Live‘, he revealed that it was the combination of a number of things, including losing the band’s manager, the ‘Soundwave Festivalfalling apart and his mother falling ill and ultimately passing. He stated on the program of his silence on the matter at the time (transcribed via

“I was not interested in letting anybody know about anything. It was nobody’s business, really, about any kind of social media things or what was going on within my people or any of that, and so I just didn’t really wanna bother with any of that until I had the energy and presence of mind to be able to talk to you today about it and let people know that I always appreciated their encouragement and their positive vibrations they sent to me. People just have to understand that when these type of things come in your life that you really do get some heavy, heavy perspective. And so that’s what changed for me.”

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Newsted has since turned his focus to acoustic country music.

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