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Every Time I Die Debut New Song “C++ (Love Will Get You Killed)”


Every Time I Die are streaming a brand new song titled “C++ (Love Will Get You Killed)” which you can check out below. premiered the new track, with band frontman Keith Buckley telling the site that around “99%” of the lyrics of the group’s forthcoming album “Low Teens” revolve around his harrowing experience late last year.

You may recall that his daughter Zuzana arrived months ahead of her planned birth, but as it turns out, the delivery was even more scary. Buckley‘s wife Lindsay had developed a life-threatening complication seven months into the pregnancy that forced the delivery early and saw Lindsay herself stop breathing during the birth. Buckley told the aforementioned site of that:

“When I got there they took me to see [Lindsay], but she was unconscious and hooked up to a bunch of machines. None of the doctors knew what happened. All they could do was monitor her vitals. She couldn’t talk because of the tubes so she just wrote words with her fingers on my arm. ‘Scary’ was what she wrote first.”

“I had never felt so helpless. I could do nothing for her. I couldn’t tell her it was going to be OK. I couldn’t even tell her that death wouldn’t be better because I had no idea yet if our daughter had even made it. I kept asking doctors what the machines meant, and eventually I could tell they were sick of me asking so many questions. I realized that if I could only understand what their beeps meant I might have some hope. I might have some answers.”

Thankfully both Lindsay and Zuzana have since recovered, as you can see below. For much more on that, head to “Low Teens” will be released on September 23rd through Epitaph. A fall tour with Beartooth, Fit For A King and Old Wounds has already been booked and Every Time I Die and Old Wounds have just announced the following off-dates from it:

10/03 Madison, WI – The Majestic Theatre
10/26 Richmond, VA – Strange Matter
11/10 Champaign, IL – The Accord

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