Disturbed's David Draiman

Nonpoint Singer Says David Draiman Was Right To Berate Fan For Texting During Live Show


This past spring Disturbed frontman David Draiman came under fire for berating concertgoer Shannon Pardue for texting during the band’s set in Dallas, TX last March. You’ll likely recall the heated discussions that followed, as well as Draiman eventually apologizing when it was revealed that Pardue was texting her daughter who was in the middle of a storm. Another performer who was there that night, Nonpoint singer Elias Soriano has since spoken out on the matter. Speaking in the latest issue of Revolver, Soriano said of the incident:

“…God bless David Draiman. That girl who was saying she had an emergency with her kid? You were texting through my set too, young lady. And if there was a problem with your kid you should have gone fucking home! Maybe David‘s not allowed to say that, but I will.”

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