Top 10 Nu Metal Albums

Metal Hammer Reveal Their ‘Top 10 Essential Nü-Metal Albums’


When it comes to music, there’s pretty much a list(icle) for every thing. Add Metal Hammer‘s newly published list of ‘The Top 10 Essential Nü-Metal Albums’ to the pile. Their choices can be found below with explanations as to why each album made the list posted over at this location.

Korn – “Korn
Deftones – “Around The Fur
Limp Bizkit – “Three Dollar Bil, Y’all
Coal Chamber – “Coal Chamber
Incubus – “S.C.I.E.N.C.E.
(hed)p.e. – “(hed)p.e.
Spineshank – “Strictly Diesel
Soulfly – “Soulfly
System Of A Down – “System Of A Down
Slipknot – “Slipknot

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