OpethStuart Wood

Opeth Release “Sorceress” Lyric Video


Following yesterday’s radio premiere, Opeth have shared the following official lyric video for the title track to their latest album, “Sorceress“. The album itself will be released September 30 through the band’s new Nuclear Blast Entertainment imprint label, Moderbolaget Records. Frontman/guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt commented:

“Here you go kids! Here’s the title track, ‘Sorceress,’ combined with the now obligatory lyric video. Why not eh? We’re happy with the tune. It’s heavy, a bit ‘meat and potato,’ but what the hell…we love it! Hope you do too!'”

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The song premiere arrives via, who are also running an interview with Åkerfeldt. Speaking of how fans have been receiving the group’s continued shift into prog territory away from their early death metal roots, Åkerfeldt told the site:

“I think so … now when we play songs off of ‘Heritage‘, there’s a lot of people screaming in the crowd. I don’t have Facebook or anything like that, so I don’t really know what people think down to a T, but it seems like people are starting to accept what we’re doing now, and possibly even starting to like it.

Of course, there’s a lot of fans who immediately understood where we were going, and just completely followed us and loved it. There’s also new fans that came in with those records. But then there are the older fans, and maybe young fans who like old stuff.

Obviously some people want us to record the records that they want to hear, basically a rehash of ‘Blackwater Park‘ or ‘Ghost Reveries‘. And it’s impossible for us to do that, so they can complain for all of eternity.”

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