Gone Is Gone

Gone Is Gone (Mastodon/QOTSA, Etc.) Debut “Stolen From Me” Music Video


Following yesterday’s radio debut, Gone Is Gone have now dropped the below music video for their track, “Stolen From Me“. The band unite members of Queens Of The Stone Age, Mastodon and At The Drive-In and premiered the clip via, who are running a chat with frontman/bassist Troy Sanders (also of Mastodon). In the discussion Sanders confirms that the band recorded extra material that didn’t make the cut for their upcoming debut effort, which will meet a July 08th release. Of that Sanders offered:

“With the eight tracks that are coming out on this record in July, I think it really touches on everything that’s to come, because since the recording of these first eight songs, we’ve recorded and written many, many, many other tracks, and I think it’s very promising to the four of use because we realize how very far we’ve grown in just a short amount of time.”

He continued:

“It wasn’t intentional. We had a solid chunk of time together last year, maybe 12, 15 days together, which is the longest we’ve ever been able to be in Los Angeles at the same time, and the musical floodgates kind of opened and material was flowing out of all of us rapidly, and that was unexpected and a wonderful thing to experience. It was the opposite of a writer’s block.”

As for where that material will end up, he stated:

“It could easily be an album format. We’re also hoping to collaborate on many levels with various artists on a multitude of platforms. We would like to really be able to compose, collaborate, create outside of just being on a stage at a venue. We were fascinated and all have various experiences composing for film. We would like to collaborate with virtual-reality artists. We would like to do interactive travel and art shows.

We’ve got loads of ideas that we hope some of them will actually come to fruition at some point in time. I guess that would be the anomaly perhaps of what this band is. We are not going to rely on releasing the record, touring for 16 months and then repeat because we physically cannot do that. We just hope this band and the music to come will further open doors of opportunities and possibilities to tap into very interesting collaborations with artists on many levels. I know it’s a big dream, but we’re dreamers and our hearts are full of gold.”

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