Behemoth's Nergal

Nergal Reveals Name Of New Country-Blues Project, Talks New Behemoth


Behemoth frontman/guitarist Nergal has revealed the name of his country-blues project to be Me And That Man. He confirmed the name during a recent appearance on The Strombo Show, offering:

“I’m putting final touches to a solo album now. Its country blues, like very rootish kind of stuff. Its almost done. We are mixing as we speak and it should be out on Nuclear Blast later this year. Just cool. Its nothing, not metal at all. It is all very guitar oriented and stripped down, simple, semi-acoustic, some electric, some blues and some country and its cool. I sing there too, use my regular voice, which is a new thing for me as well.

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I remember a year ago, I would be fucking scared to just use my voice other than just screaming. I’m a screamer. I had to open up to that and start to develop, not that I’m a singer, I’d offend singers if I said that, but I just use my voice. I tell the stories using my regular voice. I just use some extra notes here and there and that is how music is made. I’m totally relaxed, when it comes to that. It’s cool.

I was scared as fuck because its me and the other guy, John [Porter] who is 66-years-old, he could’ve been my father and he was like: “Yeah, just fucking sing!” Wait, I need to tune my guitar. I loved that experience. He encouraged me to fucking go for it, without thinking. I’m a thinker. If you tame that, if you let your body, intuition just come out, you know, you may achieve something much greater than your brain tells you what to do.

What comes out is this music and I’m very happy of it, very proud of it actually. This is it! Then we’ll be releasing a bunch of videos too. The band is called Me And That Man… He’s going the finish, going to be quite the opposite. Its both of us, so we’re doing this.”

As for new Behemoth, he offered:

“…Jamming out some new stuff with Behemoth as well, maybe in June. That’s the plan. I don’t know. We just trying to find some chemistry and see where we are artistically, see if we have something to offer. If we do, then we push for more songwriting and stuff. There are some ideas floating around. I can already see… We are a band. Collective process. Just teamwork.

I found this metaphor that is super cool, I’m a hunter and just go out and bring the raw meat to the table and the guy says, how are we going to cook it? That’s how it works. I bring ideas and we sit together about arrangements, I let them have their input and opinions that I really respect because they’re super smart, they know a lot. That’s how it all comes together.”

For more from Nergal, check out the full episode at this location.

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