Ghost Finish Recording New Covers EP


Ghost have finished work on an upcoming covers EP. One the band’s Nameless Ghouls spoke of the effort earlier this month with No Brown M&M’s in the below podcast:

“We have just recorded an EP. Basically just as we speak we’re sort of signing off on the last mixes, we’re going to mastering tomorrow, I think. So that’s going to come out in the fall and that will sort of elongate the whole album cycle. Because it’s like, this EP is still sort of within the same super-urban dystopia, Papa III, art deco, same thing, but it’s going to be more extended and bigger and better.”

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He later went on to reveal that the band recorded the effort with Tom Dalgety (Opeth, Royal Blood). He also stopped short of revealing any of their cover choices for the effort. The chat later steers to future plans for more grandiose stage production and more.