Jonny Craig

Jonny Craig On Slaves’ Lineup Imploding: “They Decided They Were Over It”


Slaves‘ remaining members, singer Jonny Craig and bassist Colin Viera have given an interview regarding the volatility and controversy the band has endured over the past year or two which wound up with the outfit prematurely calling it quits. Instead, the pair now plan to soldier ahead with temporary fill-in’s while rebuilding the band from the group up, including management, etc.. Amid the aforementioned blow-up earlier this year, frontman Jonny Craig publicly commented on his recurring struggles with addiction. In a new interview with, He spoke of getting that out in the open:

“Without getting too far into personal issues, it’s no secret I obviously dealt with drug addiction for a long time. I think it was just time to clear the slate. If we wanted to start as a new band and really focus on this, I think it was just time for me to clear the slate and be honest about what I was doing at the time during the last two tours and the Warped Tour thing.

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Everything gradually started to go downhill from there again for me, and I wanted to put things back together. I think the best thing for me to do was to use this band as a stepping stone to put things in order for my life. I wanted to write to the fans and let them know, I’m still here, I’m still dealing with this stuff, and I’m always going to be dealing with it, but that doesn’t mean I’m ever going to give up on the thing I love—and that’s music. I think it was important to get that out and clear the air.”

When asked of the band’s implosion earlier this year, he offered:

“A lot of people in the band, including myself and Colin, reached a breaking point with tons of different situations that were happening inside the band. I think a lot of people who aren’t in the band anymore, they decided they were over it. They didn’t want to—without being negative or anything—they didn’t want to put their feet forward with me and Colin, to just move forward and try and keep focus on what’s important to us, and that’s the music.

I think they got consumed with all the drama, and like I said, myself as well and Colin also did at some points. But me and Colin both want to focus on moving forward as a band. And doing things properly this time, finding new management, working on the business side of the band first before we work on anything else. That’s where it’s at right now.”

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