Rage Against The Machine

Are Rage Against The Machine & Public Enemy Planning Something For The Summer? (Updated)


Update – May 18th 04:02pm:

Word is the countdown isn’t leading to a Rage Against The Machine reunion, but some other type of project. Read up on that here.

Original Story:

A website has cropped up seemingly hinting at the return of Rage Against The Machine this year. Though currently down at the time of this posting, features the below image upon signup and a countdown clock pointing towards June 01st:

Prophets Of Rage

The phrase “clear the way for the prophets of rage” is taken from Public Enemy‘s “Prophets Of Rage” while the hashtag obviously refers to Rage Against The Machine‘s song “Take The Power Back“. On top of that, Pitchfork caught wind of the following poster apparently cropping up around Los Angeles, CA:

Adding to it all, Public Enemy‘s Chuck D. has coincidentally been tweeting about Rage Against The Machine recently and it seems the two outfits have something cooking. You may also recall that an SACD release of Rage Against The Machine‘s self-titled debut album is also being prepared for a June 17th release, with the timing seemingly set to capitalize on the coming announcement.

Of course there’s always the off-chance this could all be related to guitarist Tom Morello‘s upcoming Atlas Underground project, but that presently seems unlikely.

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