Ex-Morbid Angel Singer David Vincent

Ex-Morbid Angel Frontman David Vincent Discusses Going Country


As bizarre as his exit from Morbid Angel was, where the band’s now former vocalist/bassist David Vincent ended up next was even more unexpected: singing country music. He has since spoken to in a lengthy chat about his roots and his plans, which include a new country album. Speaking of that, he offered:

“…The most important thing right now is writing and finishing this record. I want people to have a chance to really hear it, and really understand what I’m creating with this material. There’s a lot of people who see this “metal” guy trying this new thing and may not give it a shot, but the ones I’ve shared it with have been really impressed. A lot asked why I didn’t do this sooner, and it’s simple; people find their way to things when they find their way to things.

It doesn’t mean that I’ll never play metal again, by any means, but this is where my heart is at right now, so I want to put out the best material I can, and have fun with it. We have a lot of cool stuff coming up that may surprise some people, but it’s all about writing the best songs, and having fun. That’s where I’m at right now, and I’m pretty damn happy.”

When asked about the difference between audiences when it comes to playing country and metal shows, he replied:

“Well, it’s still loud. There’s less leather and blast beats though (laughs). It is different when, instead of seeing a mosh pit, you see a two step going on ya know. I have to get used to seeing a guy and girl dancing together, instead of two guys bashing into each other in a pit, too (laughs). It’s a bit strange, but it’s music. The fans care about music, whether they are dancing together or going nuts in a pit.”

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