Joey Jordison

Ex-Slipknot Drummer Joey Jordison Teasing A ‘Special Announcement’ (Updated)


Update – May 05th 09:42pm:

Jordison has now announced his new band, check them out here.

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Original Story:

Former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison hasn’t been in the public eye too much recently but it seems like that may change tomorrow, May 05th. Jordison is expected to make a ‘special announcement’ on SiriusXM‘s ‘Liquid Metal‘ at 12pm EST/9am PDT.

Perhaps it relates to the next release from Scar The Martyr or the alleged new album he is said to have completed late last year—which given Jordison‘s low profile lately could be one in the same. Scar The Martyr shared various shots from the studio last year and their label Roadrunner Records are also mentioned in the below tweet.

That said, it should be noted that while the announcement was shared through Jordison‘s social media accounts, it didn’t make it to the Scar The Martyr accounts. So whatever that means, at least you won’t have to wait long to find out.

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