Chino Moreno Of Deftones

Deftones Frontman Chino Moreno Says He Sings Without Words When Writing New Songs


Deftones, etc. frontman/guitarist Chino Moreno has previously detailed his songwriting process, but he’s provided a few more details on how he generally approaches writing the lyrics and finding the vocal melodies for the band’s tracks in a newly published interview. It’s an interesting process that essentially involves him scatting (not that type of scatting) over a track as he begins to find his place on it. He told Noisey:

“I’ll put the instrumental on in my headphones, and I’ll record three or four passes, all completely different ideas with no words at all. Sometimes words will pop out, and I’ll end up keeping them. Most of em I won’t. It’s more or less to figure out the cadence and melodies and how I’m going to fit my voice into the music as an instrument. And then it’s sorta like a puzzle trying to write the words and fit them into those melodies and structures.

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It does make it a little bit of a task, but that’s the only way I’ve ever been able to do it. The music is what inspires the lyrics, so yeah, it is the very last thing that happens. Some people are completely the opposite. Some people have a book of lyrics, and they hand them over to the musicians and say “Hey, write a song that goes with this.” I’ve never been able to do it. I admire that, but I’ve never been able to do it that way.”

The band’s latest release “Gore” hit stores today, April 08th.

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