Black Cobra - Eye Among The Blind

Black Cobra Debut “Eye Among The Blind” Video


Black Cobra have released a video for their song “Eye Among The Blind“. Director Zev Deans (Behemoth, Portal) said of the clip:

“Sisyphus, the two-faced king with the blood of war and betrayal on his hands, was sentenced to Tartarus, the prison below hell, for deceiving Zeus. In my version of the story, he is trapped in a Panopticon, ruled by Panoptes, the giant with one hundred eyes.

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His struggle reflects that of modern man, forever pushing the same stone up a hill each day, under the omnipresent eye of the ruling class. This project was not possible without a brilliant cast and the talents of Rebeccah Lak, who built the maze from scratch.”

[via Noisey]

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