Whitechapel Guitarist: “There’s No Clean Singing On Our Upcoming Album” (Updated)


Update – April 07th 1:32pm:

Householder has now clarified that he was joking:

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Update – April 07th 10:56am:

The band’s frontman Phil Bozeman has now confirmed there will be clean singing on the album.

Original Story:

Whitechapel fans had a lot to talk about yesterday after it was revealed that the band’s forthcoming new album would apparently feature some melodic vocals. Guitarist Alex Wade told Revolver:

“We all thought it was really cool how Randy [Blythe] from Lamb Of God wasn’t afraid to try some manly melodic vocals on their last record [VII: Sturm und Drang]. So Phil’s diving into that a little and seeing where it goes. He’s actually got a great singing voice.”

Fellow Whitechapel guitarist Zach Householder has poured some cold water on the notion though, tweeting:

The album itself will be released later this year on Metal Blade.