Ex-Korn Drummer David Silveria Booted From Infinika For Being A Trump Supporter


Former Korn drummer David Silveria appears to have another bitter split on his hands in regards to his departure from Infinika. Though he hasn’t been a member of the band for over a year, a war of words recently took place online. The feud apparently spilled over into the public domain when Silveria posted the following:

“FYI… I am no longer part of Infinika. I suggest you unfriend the page. All you will read is liberal lies and nonsense. I don’t even speak to the idiot that was my band mate anymore. He’s too much of a libtard for me to spend my time talking to his dumbass. Just a heads up:)”

Infinika‘s Riz Story (whom you may remember from Anyone) fired back at Silveria via Facebook:

“THE TRUTH: David Silveria didn’t play the drums on the INFINIKA record “Echoes and Traces“.. Riz Story performed all the instruments on the album, including drums. David was kicked out when it emerged that he is a dim witted fascist trump supporter. INFINIKA stands for art, peace, humanity, and above all we are ANTI- WAR and RACISM. I regret letting Silveria take credit for my drumming and regret having associated with someone who’s views are so at odds with everything MY music has always stood for. ECHOES AND TRACES will be re-released with proper credits and an updated mix. Those who are david fans only, please go to his page – those who love INFINIKA and ANYONE music, I thank you for your continued support – — RIZ STORY~”

Story later engaged with fans in the comments of said Facebook post, offering:

“The truth is, i had the album finished and attaching silveria to it seemed like a good “business” move at the time. However, having gotten to know him it’s easy to see why he is so at odds with KORN (who btw are all my bros, especially munk).”

“the truth is we clashed ideologically back then and that’s when i dissolved the band. Todays revisit is due to comments he posted on my page this morning fully reaffirming that I did the right thing.”

Silveria—whose Facebook is indeed plastered with various hard right conservative propaganda—responded in kind, again via Facebook:

“I find it funny that I announced there is no more Infinika over a year ago and just today that idiot Riz claims to have kicked me out just now for being a trump supporter. I’m sorry to break the news to him but the band was done over a year ago. What a pathetic little bitch. At least you can all see for yourself why I couldn’t tolerate that little bitch. I couldn’t even get us a manager with all of my connections because they all said his singing sucks but at least I tried. Truth must really hurt that little bitch.”

And no, this is apparently not an April Fools.