Deftones' Stephen Carpenter In The Smokebox

Deftones Guitarist Stephen Carpenter Steps Back Into B-Real’s Smokebox, Praises The Dab


Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter was brave enough to step back into the Smokebox with B-Real of Cypress Hill, having nearly coughed up a lung last time. The discussion took place at the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup and they joined by Justina Valentine, King Ceazer, DJ C-Minus and Staleblazer. During the chat you can watch Carpenter discuss his smoking habits and praise the dab:

“The end of 2011 almost was when I got turned onto the concenrtate and the dabs. I’ve been almost entirely 100% dabs since then….”

“I’ll smoke all day, I’ll smoke right before I walk onstage. I’ll take a dab onstage. I’m definitely going to dab after I get offstage.”

You can watch that below via

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