It Looks Like Thursday May Be Reuniting (Updated)


Update – March 22nd 10:40pm:

The band have been announced for the 2016 ‘The Wrecking Ball ATL‘ festival.

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Original Story:

There’s some activity of potential interest in the Thursday camp as of late. Earlier today (March 21st) the band’s social media changed their profiles to an apparent black image, which was then retweeted by frontman Geoff Rickly. Another image was changed shortly after to a live picture of the band, which you can view below. While it initially seems like basic housekeeping, Rickly also may have given the biggest tip that something is in the works for the band, who went on indefinite hiatus back in 2011. He recently changed his Twitter bio as you can see below:


Tack on that earlier in the year the members of the band got together to “heal some old wounds” and it certainly has the appearance that something may be happening.

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