Baroness Take Stand Against Perverts/Assholes After Woman Sexually Assaulted During Their Set


A female Baroness fan by the name of Rosie Solomon was subjected to unwanted sexual advances by a drunken concertgoer at the band’s February 29th show in Birmingham, UK. Following the concert she contacted the police about the matter and filed a report. An excerpt of the unacceptable behavior she had to endure during the bands show can be found below in her own words:

“It started about halfway into Baroness’ set. I felt something pressing into my leg and bottom. I thought nothing of it at first – it was crowded in there, and I’d be to plenty of gigs before where I’d ended up squashed in the crowd and so I thought it was completely normal. The man behind me was pushing into me in time with the music, but we were all jumping and bouncing and dancing and so I continued to think nothing of it. Until I looked around and I saw that he had plenty of space, and was deliberately thrusting his groin into my leg from behind.

The sheer volume of these stories is horrific, shocking, upsetting and frankly unacceptable.
I was shocked more than anything – surely I can go to a metal concert and expect not to be perved on? I’d (sadly) expect this kind of thing in a club on Broad Street, but the Institute? Not a chance. I gave him a dirty look which made my feelings clear and tried to move away, but I couldn’t get very far as I was already near the edge, surrounded by people.

The man followed me round to where I had moved and continued to thrust into my leg as before, like a dog on heat.”

Baroness themselves have since commented, obviously horrified that such behavior took place at one of their shows:

“This is the WORST review we’ve ever gotten (WE WANT YOU TO READ IT!). I hope we never read another article like this. The following article and coinciding text is posted with the active consent from Rosie Solomon, who wrote the review, and with whom we have offered whatever kind of apology we can:

We have always considered our audience, on the whole, to be overwhelmingly nice. We have far too many examples in support of this statement to list, and that’s well beside the point anyhow. Since beginning, many years ago, we have sought to set and maintain a high moral/ethical standard for ourselves; just as we do for those in our audience who are willing to listen and meet get to know us, apart from our stage personae.

Behind the façade of our music, lyrics, and occasional fanfare, beyond the stage, the amps, the drums and the all the other racket, we are utterly average human beings, whose opinions, thoughts, and experiences are extraordinarily similar to those of us without instruments, albums, and press-releases. We have families, partners, and children and a crew (many of whom are female). All this time, we have made an effort to recognize that any of our perceived popularity is likely some net-result or byproduct borne of our passion and love for music. In truth, we truly dislike the idea of separating ourselves, in any fundamental way, from our audience.

FACT: we have no tolerance for sexism, or any form of intolerant/insensitive behavior. In Baroness’ real, functioning touring-world, we are witness to daily proof-by-example that gender exerts no weight on the scales of capability, strength or intelligence. Additionally, we are extremely sensitive to the gender-disparity that can exist, especially within the world of rock/metal music; and we are embarrassed and disturbed that Rosie (or anyone, for that matter) could have had such a terrible experience at one of our shows.

(PLEASE NOTE: it is not any more or less important that this abuse occurred at a Baroness show, or even at a show at all.) IT SIMPLY SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED. Not in a club, on the street, at home. . . anywhere. The fact that this happened at a show that we put on brings the story more directly to our ears; and we felt immediately compelled to react. After speaking with Rosie Solomon, and gaining her permission, we decided to share her article.

We can only hope, anxiously and hopefully, that someone who needs to read this does so, and pays attention to her story, in order that it might have a positive effect. I promise, not one person amidst the Baroness tour-party would show sympathy for the man in this article. We do not condone and we do not tolerate any form of sexual aggression or intolerance, nor will we ever. The man detailed in this article, whoever you are, if you read this post, stay the fuck away from Baroness and our audience. We don’t need you at our show, we don’t want you in our audience. – – – Baroness