Aaron Lewis Speaks On The Future Of Staind, Says He Would Vote For Donald Trump


Staind frontman/guitarist Aaron Lewis is currently focused on his country career with a third album in the wings, but that doesn’t mean he’s shut the door on the aforementioned band, telling

“We still haven’t broken up. We’re just waiting for the right opportunity for me to be able to balance both [careers]. I don’t think it would be a 50/50 balance, but at least be able to play a few shows per year. Do I think that there’s more music there? Sure. Do I want to go down that road? Not particularly at the moment, no. I don’t even know that when the time comes for us to go out and do some shows whether that means we’re going to record more music. We’ll just have to see what happens when we get there.”

Lewis also spoke of his political preferences, revealing that while he voted for Ted Cruz in the primaries, he would eventually vote for Donald Trump if that’s where the road leads:

“Listen, I like the fact Donald Trump has come in and shaken things up and said a whole lot of things the establishment doesn’t want to hear him say and the people did want to hear him say. But at the same time, there’s an expectation for somebody being presidential in nature, and he disappoints me with the bickering and the name-calling. It’s just not very presidential behavior. But I would certainly vote for him if he becomes the candidate.”

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