Ex-CKY Frontman Deron Miller Moves On With His Own Version Of The Band ‘MechaCKY’


Former CKY frontman/guitarist Deron Miller (also of World Under Blood, etc.) has indeed decided to move forward with his own version of CKY it seems, dubbing it MechaCKY. In it, he is joined by various members from one of his other groups, Foreign Objects. A rough version of a new track titled “Conditioned Or Unconditional” from that project can be heard below and a crowdfunding campaign is due to launch soon.

Miller and his former CKY bandmates had a rough patch of bitter tension and conflict  a few years ago that eventually saw them move on without him, replacing him with Daniel Davies. Miller has also taken to providing the following lengthy update on his current happenings and upcoming projects:

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“As always i want to thank everyone for the tremendous support for the new song…i think about these days when im writing this stuff. as an artist, i do it for all of us. i have a great group of new friends as bandmates and i am lucky enough to have a bright, professional team of people surrounding me that are so serious and non-drama…i just want you all to know that i love you guys, and all the friends and fans that support me and us. “Galactic Prey” is a masterpiece, i hold it in very high regard…its the peak of my artistic progress so far…and i owe it to everyone that believes and knows that my best is always ahead.

and its very inspiring when Shaun (bassist for FO and MCKY) and Kenneth (guitarist for FO and MCKY) hand in great demos of songs that they have written for future albums. i have never had the luxury or having someone contribute music for CKY, much less an entire song! ..and their contributions show they care very much…both Shaun and Ken are great writers and handed in some cool demos that i am excited to use. so with other members of the band writing great songs, it grants us the ability to work quicker and release new music, and there are 6 AWESOME records coming up!

1. The Volume One deluxe vinyl LP (slowly making progress but well worth the wait!) if you pre-order be patient please. vinyl is a P.I.T.A and so are criminally insane egomaniacs!

2. Mechacky‘s debut LP in 2016…the current rough mix of the track “Conditioned or Unconditional” is already surpassing any historical reaction to our new music, even going as far back as the lackluster response to 2009’s “Hellions On Parade“…a favorite of mine that was greeted with underwhelming interest, much like its album “Carver City“…the best CKY album IMO but by far the worst selling. even Bam Margera‘s very creative video for “A#1 Roller Rager” failed to garner any interest.

3 and 4. World Under BloodLife Is Too Long To Like You“…a therapeutic death metal record; dead serious, with a touch of dark humor. This will be the fastest record of all time …using only organic performances. so fast and furious…a devastating, venting blow of revenge and also my debut album as a drummer. this recording process is going to be so new and unique that it will be filmed for a documentary. “LITLTLY” will be followed rather quickly by World Under Blood‘s return to form, like “Tactical“, proud and serious melodic, rapid intensity with album #3 “Tetanus Invasive“…i hope to have former members Tim Yeung, Luke Jaeger, and Risha Eryavec return for this occasion as well as 5th member James Murphy… they are more than welcome and i miss them all (hit me up!) itd be nice to finally play a show for christ’s sake! or god forbid a tour!

5. With ‘Galactic Prey‘ nearing 4,000 copies in the USA without a label or proper promo and tour…it only makes sense to get working on it’s follow up, “Lean, Mean and Bleeding Green” and have it released properly; worldwide though a record company. can “Galactic Prey” be rivaled or even topped? i dont see how, but we’re gonna go for it. GP is the best album ive ever played on, written, and sang on…and its definitely the best sounding album i’ve ever done (along with “Tactical” by Safehouse) thanks to Manifest Productions.

6. “Acoustified! part II“…with the tremendous worldwide success of the original “Acoustified!“, still a strong seller…a sequel is obvious. i want to get you guys more involved, requesting which songs should be used and maybe some great cover song suggestions.

i do not know how many of the 6 forthcoming albums will be handled and promoted by record labels as opposed to only me and 2 other helpers lol! but i do know we are going to need your support. whether its a $100 donation or a supportive comment…these days this is how the music industry and its artists survive…with no record stores and pirating being a HUGE issue, we are lucky to have your interest and support and you are all considered friends…i love you all and im grateful to have so much support and so much great music to work on this year!!!! thank you from all of us!

Deron and MCKY, WUB, and FO.”


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