Devin Townsend To Record New Album, Speaks Of New Track With Steve Vai


There’s studio time booked for the next Devin Townsend Project album. Townsend himself has told Metal Wani in the below interview that the group will enter the studio on March 27th to begin recording the outing. A September release date is being eyed for it. As for the theme of the album, Townsend said:

“It’s about getting over it, getting over yourself, getting over… all that stuff. And I’m not saying that I am, but the point of it is that seems be the next step, right? You know I’ll get into situations with people that I’ll be really irritated by them.

And recently there’s been this sort of thing that’s been going on in my process, where I’m like ‘this is your problem,’ this is not the person that needs to change, it’s you and how you’re reacting to them and that’s kind of new.

I think it’s because I have been so pigheaded and so selfish about so many things for so many years, I’ve spent a lot of time feeling that ‘that person needs to change’ and ‘this person needs to change.’ So in a sense this record, it’s based around the sense of like what needs to change is your reaction to these things and not them.”

Townsend also spoke of his upcoming reunion of sorts with Steve Vai:

Steve asked me to sing a bonus track for the reissue of his “Passion And Warfare” record. And yeah, I did it at my house, which was a nice change. But I sang all his melodies and did all what he asked me to do and it was a really nice way to connect with him…”