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Black Sabbath Bassist Geezer Butler Insists Bill Ward Unfit To Drum, Ward Disagrees


Black Sabbath and their estranged drummer Bill Ward are once again not seeing eye to eye. Bassist Geezer Butler was recently asked by why Ward and the band have yet to reconcile. Ward has continued to claim his absence was the result of not being offered what he calls a ‘signable contract‘. Frontman Ozzy Osbourne meanwhile has insisted that Ward‘s health issues have kept him absent, something which Ward continues to dispute. Butler himself weighed in on the situation, offering:

“It’s beyond the money thing. It is not really anything to do with that. It is whether he’s capable of touring or not. On the 13 tour, he was not on that tour. About a week after we started he had to go into the hospital for major surgery. We would have had to cancel the tour if Bill was still with us. He hasn’t been well for a long time. He’s had a couple of heart attacks.

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You have to face facts when you get to our age and you’re not in great, great health rather you can go out on the road for two years, or whatever. It is a hard life to do. The easy part is when you’re on stage playing. It is all of the traveling and everything else that comes with it that is the hard part. I think Ozzy, in particular, didn’t think Bill would get through it. He certainly wouldn’t have got through the first part as he was in the hospital. We can’t keep cancelling tours just because the drummer can’t play.”

Butler continued:

“We started out with Bill on the 13 tour. That is the way we all thought it was going to be, that Bill was going to be part of this whole thing. It just turned out that is wasn’t to be. His health has to come first before anything.”

Butler‘s comments haven’t sat well with estranged drummer Ward, who tweeted today (January 20th):

Tonight (January 20th) marks the first date of Black Sabbath‘s farewell tour.