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(hed)p.e. Singer Jahred Talks Being Last Original Member, Says “The Voice Of hedpe Is The Same”


(hed)p.e.‘s sole remaining original member Jared “Jahred” Gomes has posted the following piece (Facebook) on what it’s like to be the last man standing when it comes to the band’s ‘classic’ lineup, and why he feels comfortable continuining on under the same band name:

“Here we are. Where’d everybody go?

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Lets talk about how it is that I’m that last original guy, but still feel comfortable calling my band hedpe.

Its interesting how hedpe is similar to a living organism. It constantly evolves to survive. and by that i mean, even though someone may leave the ranks, the band doesnt simply cease to exist. i reject that line of reasoning. Some history:

The first member to leave hedpe left approx. 4 years after the first album was released. His decision.

The 2nd and 3rd OG members to leave left 5 years after the first album was released. One left on a plane in the middle of tour; the other left under more private circumstances.

The 4th member,I still consider a member, but sadly, the reality is such that hedpe cant accommodate his presence.

The 5th member made a decision to leave on his own.

I never could have predicted this reality 20 years ago, and who can predict where their life will lead; nevermind the lives of others, but I have chosen to forge ahead under all circumstances. Constantly trying to keep hedpe breathing, surviving.

In my journey I come across others who want to join me in my quest for survival through art and music. Its not easy at this level. Its not for everyone.

The voice of hedpe is the same. The words, thoughts and expressions are coming from the same consciousness. Yes, the instruments are expressed through new charismatic beings, but the impulse is the same; An attempt at understanding; a passion for living and discovering. An untamed approach to expression.

I realize there are those that look on the 2016 hedpe as something other than hedpe; but for me hedpe is that entity which is still fighting and clawing at its existence in 2016, an ever-evolving entity of art and hardcore rhythm and music.

you can only control the controllables.
that pretty much leaves just one…
All opinions are valid. Thanks for listening.
your friend

jahred gomes

ps. the numbers of years above are approximations.”

There’s a new (hed)p.e. album currently in the works for a release later in the year with more details to come.

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