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All Members Have Quit Emmure Except For Frankie Palmeri (Updated)


Update – December 23rd 4:18pm:

Frankie Palmeri has now released his own official statement.

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Update – December 22nd 11:47pm:

Now ex-bassist Mark Davis has further commented on the exodus of members from the group.

Original Story:

Though not yet official, Emmure appear to have to come to an end. All members sans frontman Frankie Palmeri have exited the group, according to bassist Mark Davis. Davis, guitarist Jesse Ketive, guitarist Mikael Mulholland and drummer Adam Pierce all plan to continue on together with a new project next year. Davis gave the following statement to Lambgoat

“As some of you may or may not have heard, Jesse, Mikael, Adam, and myself are no longer in Emmure. We have decided collectively to pursue other endeavors. We would like to thank the Emmure fans for all the support and love over the years, and to everyone who has help the band on its way, you are all greatly appreciated. Be on the lookout for a new project from the four of us in 2016.”

Pierce has since commented:

“A new chapter: Here we come 2016. Thank you to all the fans. We cannot wait to share this new music the four of us have been working on. Love you all!”

Mulholland offered:

“It’s been an epic ride. Utmost love to the friends I’ve made all over the world along the way. Stoked on the future.”



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