Taylor Swift Appeared On Spotify As A Lostprophets Song


An apparent prankster managed to get a Taylor Swift track streaming on Spotify over the weekend, albeit attributed to the now defunct band, Lostprophets, complete with some altered cover art. Gizmodo have a report on the snafu, which is made weirder by the fact that Swift herself doesn’t have her albums available to stream via Spotify. A spokesperson for Spotify told the aforementioned site:

“Apparently the track was delivered to us by a third party provider, whose responsibility it is to ensure that content delivered to Spotify is fully licensed and in compliance with our Infringement Policy. This track was taken down as soon as it was discovered (in this case, 3 days after it was delivered), and we will be discussing the matter further with the provider who delivered it.”

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As you can see in the below cap, the songwriting credits were even attributed to ex-Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins, who was convicted of child sex crimes in 2013, and is currently serving a decades long prison sentence.

Taylor Swift/Lostprophets

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