Ministry’s Al Jourgensen Launches Patreon Campaign, Offers Video Access To His Daily Life, Etc.


Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen has launched this Patreon page, on which fans can agree to contribute a monthly sum in exchange for exclusive video content of his daily happenings, his thoughts and views and more. He explains what he will offer in the below pitch:

“Hello folks!

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After 35 years of dealing with record labels, contracts, lawyers and all the bullshit that goes along with being a musician, I’ve decided to go a new route and give this techno shit a try. I have no idea what will happen here but I’m game to give it a go if you are. I’m gonna cut out the middle man and give you an unfettered, all access, behind the scene view of what the life of Al Fucking Jourgensen really looks like.

You’ll be with me backstage before shows, hanging out with me and my longtime partners in crime in various situations and places, getting and giving interviews, discussing politics and getting first hand election coverage from me and people like Jello Biafra, discussing all sorts of shit that I, and hopefully you, will find interesting.

We’ll go on road trips ala Anthony Bourdain style (only with a lot more debauchery), doing videos of all sorts, movie, book and music reviews and fuck, I might even teach you how to cook a good goddamned meal…..that’s right, a cooking show!
…and of course this would not be complete without me “picking” shit at various flea markets with equally interesting guests.

Once a month there will be a different webisode with various other goodies throughout, all announcements of upcoming projects and events will be posted here first so you can be the “cool” kid on the block knowing all things pertaining to “Uncle Al” ( fuck, I’m typing in 3rd person…..that sucks) all contents posted here will be exclusive to Patreon.

Patreon is not exactly making world news cuz it is what it is….an underground network of artist connecting directly and unfiltered to their fans bypassing the entire commercial system…..sounds pretty Punk Rock DIY to me.

Artists in this country get no government funding like say, Canada or the Scandanavian countries….most of our shit is downloaded for free or bootlegged….you can’t count on any MERCH money as most of that is bootlegged too… and good luck trying to make a living off touring….you’re lucky if the scumbag promoter even pays you anymore as I recently, personally, just found out..
Record contracts to record labels are a joke and soon to become a relic from a bygone era…even getting one is not the panacea you were led to believe while growing up….basically you become an indentured servant, and paid like one while toiling for “the machine”. Oh, there’s profits being made all right, but the amount going to the artist is negligible…..starving artist indeed!

I have been blessed and fortunate to keep my head above water for 35 years but frankly I’m sick of working my ass off (38 CD’s at last count plus the 35 years of relentless touring), while everyone else seems to make gobs of cash. I know it all sounds so “glamorous”, the touring, video shoots, red carpets etc, etc… blah blah blah…..but fucking trust me, it’s not!

I keep doing this because I enjoy the creative process and the exchange of ideas with other like minded artists… to me, THAT is the payoff…unfortunately that alone doesn’t pay the bills.

The entertainment biz has choked the life out of so many talented creative people by making it virtually impossible for most to even subsist…..the good news is I’m not dead yet! I’m sick of playing “their” game by “their” set of rules.

Personally, I don’t know what to expect by taking the Patreon, DIY, route and honestly am not expecting much…but goddamned it I’ve tried it “their” way for 35 years and frankly I’m over it.

Think of the world with no artistic expression or creativity, we are almost already there. Art is ruled by the bottom line. Bean counters decide what direction all art and music should go, and you better toe the line or get left behind…..well fuck it, I’ll take my chances!

So, sign up and come along for the ride. I will do my best to not disappoint….nah, fuck that, you’re gonna fucking love it….enough said!

One last thing, don’t just do it for my cause but for other artists that are taking the same path.
Together we can take ART back from the FUCKHEADS hell bent on destroying it…
My name is AL FUCKING JOURGENSEN and I approve this message.”

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