Suburban Scum To Release Shelved Album “Ultimate Annihilation”


Suburban Scum have clarified that they do plan to release their previously shelved album “Ultimate Annihilation” in the months to come. The band recently issued the following statement:

“We will be continuing on as a band in the new year. We will also be setting up a proper release for ‘Ultimate Annihilation‘ that you will hear about in the coming months. You have the right to support who you want and we have the right to play our music. Thanks to anyone who continues to ride with us. See you in 2016.”

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The release plans for the effort, and the band’s activity for that matter, came to a screeching halt earlier in the year after their frontman Ryan “Karebear” Taylor was involved in the brutal assault of Crosscheck‘s drummer Tom Alderson. It remains unclear as to whether or not Taylor remains a member of the band.

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