Abigail Williams Are “Dumbfounded” By The Delay Of Their New Album “The Accuser”


Though the physical release of Abigail Williams‘ new album “The Accuser” was scheduled for an October 30th release, it’s only now hitting stores today, November 20th. Digital versions of the album did however meet the originally intended release date. As to why the effort is only now just surfacing in a physical format, they offered the following statement today:

“Hi, even though our new album The Accuser was supposed to come out in stores Oct 30th, it pretty much didn’t. Don’t ask us why because we are just as dumbfounded as anyone else is… Anyways, today Nov 20th it should be officially released in stores. Let us know if you find it.”

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Candlelight Records handled the release of the effort and recently also faced a similar issue at the pressing plant with release of Vision Of Disorder‘s latest album, “Razed To The Ground“.