letlive. Choose Title For New Album


letlive. have revealed the title for their new album to be “If I’m The Devil…“. The band worked on the outing with Justyn Pilbrow (King 810, Halsey). A release in the new year is expected for the effort. Frontman Jason Butler spoke to Revolver of the material on the record, saying it’s:

“like a more advanced version of the sort of rock and soul approach that we’ve been trying to follow. We finally got to really explore using all these other instruments and sounds in our music—there are acoustic elements, there are electronic elements like Radiohead or A Tribe Called Quest might have used, there’s things like the sound of us slapping desks and walls… we just tried everything.”

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He did mention that he had a vision himself for the effort early on though, stating:

“We got into a bunch of fucking arguments when we were writing this record. Some of us wanted to do our punk songs and some of us wanted to do our more rock songs.

Me, I wanted to do some shit that sounded like Kanye [West] meets Royal Blood or some- thing. But then we started to let go and just said, “Fuck it, let’s write the song and see how we feel about it when it’s done.'”

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