Maynard James Keenan Says Overzealous Tool Fans Can Be “Insufferable”


Tool/Puscifer, etc. frontman Maynard James Keenan got a cover story on the Phoenix New Times and while a healthy portion of it discussed his wine making and work on Puscifer, the topic inevitably shifted to Tool. When it came to Tool‘s new album, he merely offered “there’s nothing to say.” As to the band’s more diehard/aggressive fans who have come up with their own theories and mythology regarding the band’s own mystique while missing out on the humor, he had an obvious appraisal: “Yeah, it’s [the humor] there, But people miss it because they’re so focused on the other bullshit. It’s lost. Insufferable people . . . It’s just ridiculous, retards. I’m sorry. Can’t help them. Way too serious. Too much. Lighten up.”

Tool will next be on-stage at the 2015 ‘Monster Mash‘ in Tempe, AZ on October 31st. Keenan will perform with Puscifer on the next day, November 01st. While Puscifer and the Deftones will be sharing the bill on that day, Keenan doesn’t expect for the pair to reunite on their collaborative track, “Passenger“. Puscifer‘s new album “Money Shot” lands in stores this Friday, October 30th, and you can stream it in full here.

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