Rob Zombie Gives A Tour Of His ‘Great American Nightmare’, Reveals Tentative Release For “31”


Not everyone will be able to make it to Rob Zombie‘s month-long Halloween event, ‘Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare‘, which this year is being hosted at the Odeum Expo Center in Villa Park, IL. Below Consequence Of Sound take you through an abbreviated tour of the event with Zombie himself. Also Zombie reveals that a tentative February release date is being eyed for his new horror film “31“, which he describes as “the best movie I’ve made yet.” He said of it’s premise:

“It’s just about five people kidnapped on Halloween and taken to this sort of, secret location, where they’re hunted like sport. But they’re hunted by these sort of crazy clown figures.”

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He continued:

“For anyone who’s a fan of the films, it’s the most in the spirit of ‘The Devil’s Rejects‘.”

On the music front Zombie plans to film a video for each song from his completed new album in January, though release details are still unclear.