Nick Oliveri Says He Owns 47% Of The Queens Of The Stone Age Name


Though he remains friendly with his former Queens Of The Stone Age/Kyuss bandmate Josh Homme, ousted wildcard bassist Nick Oliveri still doesn’t expect to be let back into the group. Oliveri was handed his walking papers from the group back in 2004 due to his erratic behavior and apparent excessive partying. Oliveri has an interesting theory as to why that he won’t be returning anytime soon however, telling

“I figured out the reason why there probably won’t be a reunion of Queens is that I own 47 per cent of the name. Why would you let somebody come back that had that? I’d have to sign away that 47 per cent and I’d be a hired gun. I really don’t want to be a hired gun just to be in the band again. But I’d like to do a record with Josh one day, whether it’s Queens or something else. Just to work with him again would be great.”

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