Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes: “I Guess We Are As Much A Metal Band Now As Fall Out Boy Are A Pop-Punk Band”


Bring Me The Horizon vocalist Oliver Sykes talked with about the bands new album “That’s The Spirit“, their ever-changing sound, his past Ketamine addiction and more. When speaking about moving away from the deathcore sound of old for “poppier music,” Sykes replied:

“…I don’t think we ever ditched it outright. When I was 17, death metal and extreme hardcore was the best music in the world to me. But as I got older, my palette changed and my thirst for melody and emotion just got bigger and bigger. It’s been a natural evolvement for us. I don’t think many bands, or people for that matter, are into the same music when they are 25 as when they were 15. And for us, we’d done the genre to death. We just needed to do something new.”

When asked if he feared backlash over the latest change, he offered:

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t. Not because it would have changed the way I feel about the record, but I guess I always want everyone to be happy. At the end of the day, this album is all the better for not being super heavy. None of it feels contrived, or like we are writing it for any other reason than for a life of music. These songs are the result of hard craft and dedication, and I think they are all the better for not being laced with breakdowns and constant screaming.”

On if the band still consider themselves a ‘metal band’:

“We came from a metal background, so I guess we will always feel connected and relevant to the genre. I guess we are as much a metal band now as Fall Out Boy are a pop-punk band.”

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