Anthrax’s Scott Ian On Spotify: “Take Your Streaming And Shove It Up Your Ass”


Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian appears on the latest episode of Hatebreed/Jasta frontman Jamey Jasta‘s ‘The Jasta Show‘ podcast. Various topics were discussed including his special effects TV show ‘Blood & Guts‘, band business and sports celebrities getting away with heinous deeds. In regards to his bands new album, Ian stated:

“We’re done writing. The album’s nine tracks in, mixed. We got like two more songs. Actually Jay Ruston our producer is mixing the tenth song right now and then he’s got two more. We finished twelve songs. There’s still two more songs that are recorded without vocals ’cause I didn’t finish lyrics on those.

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They will be finished, but they certainly won’t make the record. But, they’ll come out maybe some point next year. You know, later on down the road. ‘Cause there’s even other ideas for two more other things that we could go in and bang out too, but whatever. For now we’ve got twelve songs that like imminent, about to be done and mixed and then we’ll decide what, if not all of them, will be on the album.”

A tentative February release date is being planned for the album with a song from it to debut around the start of their upcoming European tour with Slayer and Kvelertak. Ian and Jasta also dived into the topic of the ill-fated ‘Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival‘ and their hopes of a leaner metal festival tour taking its place. Ian said that they were originally offered a spot on the tour this year, but didn’t take it:

“We were offered to be on that ‘Mayhem‘—we turned them down cause the money was too low. We were like ‘no, like that’s ridiculous.’ ‘Well there’s no money.’ Well that’s not our problem, why are we going to go out and get paid less than we’re worth, that’s insane.”

Ian also spoke of Spotify and streaming music services in general:

“I don’t have Spotify, I don’t stream, I don’t do any of that. So I am ignorant to that… Like all the old Island [Records] catalog, is “Among The Living” on Spotify? I have no idea. If it is I’m sure we’re not making any money off it.

Even if we had the best deal in the world we still wouldn’t be seeing any money from Spotify. So that’s why when I hear musicians use Spotify I’m like really? You’re supporting a company that’s ripping you off. ‘Yeah but it’s so easy to just have your music.’ I’m like ‘it’s really easy to have my music without Spotify.’ I just never got that. You know this company is fucking you ,yet you’re still OK with using it, that’s weird to me.”

He later continued:

“I get it, it’s how a lot of the people on the planet get their music now. And I’m not against that, I wouldn’t say don’t put our records on there because I understand it now. It’s like yeah, great, you’re listening, that’s how you’re getting out our music and then maybe you’re gonna go buy a ticket next time we come through.

I get that, I totally get it. On the other side of that, I’m still the guy who… I came from the era where you could actually have a platinum album. How many records have been platinum in America last year? [Jasta proceeds to mention Taylor Swift] That’s a fucking joke, so take your streaming and shove it up your ass is how I truly feel about it.

But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna be a caveman, you know what I mean and say ‘we’re not streaming.’ I want our music to get out there, I want as many people to get exposed to it as possible.”