Eagles Of Death Metal Debut New Song “Silverlake”, Save The World With Music


Eagles Of Death Metal have debuted a new song named “Silverlake (K.S.O.F.M.)“. It appears as the second track on their new album “Zipper Down“, which is due in stores on October 02nd. The track debuted via, who also have a colorful interview with the groups core, Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme (also of Queens Of The Stone Age.) Some choice quotes from that include:

Josh Homme: We put out a record and human rights are better, the world feels better, people make more money, there’s less anger, people are more respectful to women and to homosexuals, and they’re generally nicer each other, they’re kinder to each other, and that’s why we really felt like it was time to let the healing begin.”

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Josh Homme: I always look at us like a bit of ginger, no pun intended, on the palate of what’s going on musically.”

Jesse Hughes: I came up with a great analogy for what the music is. It’s bending George Clinton over a couch and butt-fucking him using Little Richard as the dick and the Rolling Stones and Chuck Berry as the balls.”

You can read the whole thing over at

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