Trapt Debut New Music Video, Singer Clears The Air On Recent Social Media Feuds


Trapt frontman Chris Brown recently addressed his rage issues in this video, explaining that a lot of it had to do with a recently resolved lawsuit with a former member of the band. Victims of his wrath included fans and the band Dangerkids. He has since further addressed the recent outbursts and more in a chat with Loudwire. Speaking on the suit itself, which revolved around past royalties, etc. with their former guitarist Simon Ormandy, Brown said:

“We couldn’t write or do anything. You put that kind of stress on an artist and it doesn’t work. It’s crazy, because we finally got done with this album in April of this year. All of these lyrics, everything, the album just poured out of me. It was an amazing emotion that it came back to me. For a year and a half, I was numb. I had no emotions. We win and that positivity comes and you start feeling again. But at the same time, all the things that angered you that you shut yourself off to, those come back too. You’re now feeling emotions from both sides of the board, from anger to happiness to joy to sadness. Forgetting why you didn’t believe in yourself, different things like that. We just went right into writing about it and we were recording at the same time.

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So April, May, June through July 15 — the last day of recording — to the first day of the tour we’re on right now, it was just go, go, go. No time to process these emotions. And that led me through the last couple of weeks of craziness, just the stuff dealing with this guy who did a YouTube thing. I got it from some social media guy who popped it up and thought it was a funny video and I didn’t know what it was. I got mad, went to rehearsal — Can you take it down? No problem. Take it down. All good.

I said I’d like to compensate you, it’s your video. Nah it’s fine, we’re cool. But then this other guy from the YouTube channel put stuff up about how bad that was that we put out this video for ten hours. I was like, “Really?” All these fans going after us. I definitely went hard back at him, only because of all the stuff I had gone through this last year and a half. It was hard to be that bigger person that I should be. Because of all that emotion, it was so hard for me to be that level-headed. You should be like this or that. Well in the moment it’s really hard to be that clear.”

The ‘YouTube thing’ mentioned above was an uncredited posting of a video done by Rob Scallon, which a number of readers felt was ‘click theft.’ Addressing that and some regret of what he said in the aftermath, he stated:

“I think the biggest thing you have to do for yourself is collect yourself and realize that you’re in a position where people are looking up to you. You do have to be the bigger person, no doubt. If you say something derogatory because you’re angry — I called someone a butt boy. I knew it was wrong, it was wrong. But he was fighting that guy’s battle. I deleted it in 45 minutes but MetalSucks put it up and like, spread it all around. I should have never said it. I felt bad.

Little things like that, people can get under your skin and you can say something publicly that you should never say. That bums me out, that I stooped down to that level just to get my anger out. I normally wouldn’t be like that, but when you’re in that emotional place it’s hard to, like I said, to be that clear and step back and be that better person and not let them get to you.”

As for the feud with Too Far Lost and Dangerkids, Brown offered:

“It all comes from the same place, it wasn’t Dangerkids, it was this other band that opened up for us on a Sunday night. It was July 27 and they sold 10 tickets. Our other support act sold 35 and we pride ourselves on getting locals out there selling 50-60 tickets out of 300 to 400 to get the ball rolling. This band though had three tables of merch. We’re out with the band Sons of Texas, and we asked if they could use one. Just one. The merch girl started bitching about it and we were like, “Whoa. If you could just do this, that’d be cool. Please be cool about it.” She just got real nasty about it. We’ll just take all of our stuff and leave, they were already mad about being first out of two bands but they didn’t sell.

They sold less tickets, and that’s how it goes. Promoters will always do that. So they were already in an angry mood. So we were having this back and forth, the bass player’s girlfriend was the merch girl and he was like, “You guys are treating us not cool,” and this and that. “Hey, this is not a big deal. It’s one table.” I’m kind of laughing. They brought up the YouTube thing. I’m laughing, laughing and they go crazy at me and my guitar player. And then he’s like, you just spew videos — other people’s and all this stuff. That set me off. I went, “Who the hell do you think you are?” I got too emotional and angry. He was saying stuff to me, “Go ahead and hit me.” I was like, “Go ahead a hit me, man. I’m not going to jail.”

Especially with what I went through last year. There’s no way any fight would have ever started. It never got to that level, he didn’t push anyone or anything. It was just two dudes yelling at each other. Who hasn’t seen that before? He put it on video and all of a sudden it looks crazy. Again, another situation where, over the span of a few days where all this stuff happened. From there, the next day maybe, that band Dangerkids is friends with that band or something. I don’t know. But they just started going on our site, saying we don’t like local bands. When did it get to that?

I think they just did it for attention. Tagged the page, he wanted people to see it. In the end, I just made a joke and said, “Oh yeah, the fight wasn’t between me and the opening band, the fight was between me and the singer of that band.” I told him, “I really want you to go up there and make Dangerkids the biggest band in the world and really follow your dreams. You’re letting your dreams be dreams.” I just made jokes about that to Alternative Press and AP thought that was the truth [laughs].

Two other sites thought that’s what happened too, that it was a fight between me and Dangerkids. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was just a local band that had some problems with opening the show instead of being second and having to give up one merch table out of three. They wanted to get a rise out of me and they got a rise out of me. That’s really all it was, kind of blown out of proportion.”

Trapt themselves have also just put out a video via Loudwire for their track “Human (Like The Rest Of Us)” from their new album “DNA“, due in October.

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