Brain Tentacles (Municipal Waste, Yakuza, Etc.) Sign With Relapse


Instrumental ‘noise-jazz’ trio Brain Tentacles have signed a deal with Relapse. The group feature some familiar faces with drummer Dave Witte (Municipal Waste, ex-Burnt By The Sun, etc.,) saxophonist Bruce Lamont (Corrections House, Yakuza, etc.,) and bassist Aaron Dallison of Keelhaul in their lineup. This fall will see the band converge in the studio to begin tracking their full-length debut with Sanford Parker (Pelican, Leviathan) behind the boards. Witte relayed the following exchange about how the band came to be:

“The Brain Tentacles Project was literally driven by a car. My Scion XD actually. I wanted to do a food tour in my car and create a guide of places for touring musicians to eat and drink while on the road. “That is an awesome idea, but we need something to promote.” is what I got back after pitching the idea. I put my cap on and called Bruce Lamont immediately as we’ve always talked about doing some kind of project together.

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“Hey Bruce, ya wanna do a duo of drums and sax in my car and create a food map/blog for Scion, play music, eat killer food and write about it?”

“Yeah, that sounds great.”

“Cool, we need a name. Let’s call it Brain Tentacles, cool?”


Melt Banana is touring in the fall, I’ll see if we can open for them.”


“Guess what, Melt Banana is into it! I’ll drive out to Chicago, we’ll write a bunch of stuff in two days and then we’ll drive to Minneapolis to join the tour.”


Well, I drove out, we wrote a bunch of music and we also wrote a song and left it open so someone could sit in with us each night. Each city we asked someone to sit in and show them the riff they’d play either at sound check or before we went on. It was super simple. Cleveland comes, around Aaron Dallison (Keelhaul) sits in and Bruce says we should have him in the band. I said, yeah totally.

With the line up finalized, we wrote a bunch more material and our tentacles spread even further with Aaron‘s brain involved. We’ve demoed a bunch of material, recorded for two upcoming splits and have a huge nest full of songs and ideas ready for recording. We’re all really excited about what we’re producing and excited for people to hear it!”

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