Jonny Craig Comments On Incident That Led To Slaves Being Booted Off The ‘Warped Tour’


Slaves vocalist Jonny Craig had the following to say about the band being kicked off the ‘Vans Warped Tour‘ over the weekend:

“I have 0 problems admitting I drank but i WILL not say I used drugs. Last nights meeting was a railroad about how I’m still high. I got drunk and treated our Merch girl like she was one of the dudes and I understand this was not respectful behavior and I’m sorry very sorry to Colleen but this isn’t worth all this? I don’t think the word rape is funny and I don’t think anyone should just toss that around. I would never hurt anyone of the opposite sex. I’m sorry for breaking my streak of not drinking and have no problem picking right back up. I have spent a year putting my life back together will REAL change for once and I don’t deserve this. Neither do my band who have done nothing but take care of me and picked me up time and time again.”

If you checked out over the weekend, the band were ejected from the ongoing ‘Vans Warped Tour, following a townhall vote from the tours organizers. Craig‘s drunken behavior and crass comments made to their merch girl were cited as the primary reasons in a document that leaked.