Singer And Bassist Exit Close Your Eyes


Close Your Eyes‘ lead vocalist Shane Raymond and bassist Alex Whitten have both exited the band. As you can read in the below statement posted by Whitten on Facebook, the split was not amicable:

“Yesterday was sad, stressful, and at the same time very therapeutic. Shane and I are no longer a part of the headache that is Close Your Eyes. What Brett does with the band now is entirely up to him because it is his band and he has the right to do so, but after almost 10 years my hands are clean of it.

I initially wanted to come one here and let loose as to why this band is in the state it’s in, but due to the friendships that have been affected, I will refrain. At the end of the day, things weren’t what we thought they were and a lot of things were brought into question.

I feel like a huge weight has be lifted off of my shoulders. I’m thankful for the things I was able to experience with CYE but I’m more excited to move on. In the next year, I will be opening a full time recording studio in Abilene as well as working on music with Homestead. I will also be continuing to book some shows as they are offered to me. I am excited for the future.”

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