Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe Says They’ll Never Play Prague Again, Decries Metal Media Clickbait


Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe doesn’t expect Lamb Of God to play another show in Prague, Czech Republic anytime soon, if ever. Blythe was of course found not guilty on manslaughter charges relating to the fatal stagediving injuries a young fan (Daniel Nosek) suffered at a 2010 show the band played in the city. Blythe was held in jail on the charges, eventually being released on bail and returning to the city to face trial, where the not guilty verdict was handed down. He was later acquitted as well. Speaking with Metal Injection Livecast, shared the following of Prague and the Czech people:

“They have a very rich intellectual history, a very rich artistic history in Prague and I really fell in love with the city; I won’t go back there for a long, long time…. Not because, we don’t want to play for the Czech fans or anything. But if we showed up and played in Prague, it would be huge news through the Czech Republic. And you know, the family of this young man has seen… It would just bring up so many bad memories. Not for me, like it’d be OK. I don’t think someone in Prague is out to get me or whatever, everyone was cool. But the family just needs to heal and you know, they don’t need to see ‘Lamb Of God‘…”

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He later added that “we’ll never play there again.” Further in the chat he addressed the way the metal media and fans reacted to his not feeling the urge to always scream—a comment that was particularly timely as the group had just introduced clean singing in the bands new song “Overlord“.

“Let’s look at this whole thing, this has gotten out of hand-the metal media. You people are starting to fucking disappoint me. Like these little things, that you take, these sensationalist things. Little things. That’s a bummer. That’s a fucking bummer, Blabbermouth and Loudwire and PRP and all you people, It’s a fucking bummer. We’re not children here, you know… It’s clickbait. I want everyone to know that it’s juvenile and it’s inane and it has nothing to do with the whole fucking picture.”

When later presented with the fact that a large majority of people only read headlines, Blythe somewhat jokingly went on to say:

“There’s no hope for the world. We are doomed. We are doomed. I haven’t accepted it yet. I am an optimist. A angry optimist. I haven’t accepted that people are that stupid yet. They probably—indubitably they are. I haven’t accepted that, I refuse to, I believe in you people, be smarter. Expect more.”

The discussion also saw Bltyhe share his thoughts on the confederate flag and more and can be found over at Metal Injection. Lamb Of God‘s new album “VII: Sturm Und Drag” is coming out on July 24th. Blythe‘s new book “Dark Days: A Memoir” hits stores tomorrow, July 14th.

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