Corey Taylor Officially Confirms New Slipknot Members Names, Stone Sour’s Covers Choices


Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor appeared on wrestler/Fozzy singer Chris Jericho‘s ‘Talk Is Jericho‘ podcast (which you can find here) and had some interesting things to share on his various projects. In regards to his role in ‘Officer Downe‘—an upcoming film based on a cop who constantly returns from death—Taylor stated that he will be playing the role of ‘Headcase Harry‘. He described the character as being a “Riddler/Heath Ledger-Joker meth dealer” who invents a drug called “supercrank.” Taylor‘s Slipknot bandmate M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan directed the feature.

Though he didn’t reveal which tracks, Taylor also confirmed the bands chosen for each of Stone Sour‘s next two covers releases. The second EP, “Straight Outta Burbank” will feature covers of:

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Bad Brains
The Rolling Stones
Mötley Crüe
Iron Maiden

The third in the series, “No Sleep Till Burbank“, will feature covers of:

Van Halen
Violent Femmes
Rage Against The Machine

Later on in the podcast, Taylor also spoke of Slipknot‘s latest drummer Jay Weinberg and bassist Alessandro Venturella, for once by naming each of them specifically. He said of their chemistry:

“It’s been killer, it’s been really, really good. It’s been cool to watch them come out of their shells too. Cause at first they weren’t sure how far to go—I mean that’s the respect level. They’re so respectful and they dig what they’re doing so much that they don’t want to cross any boundaries and they’re having a really good time. So we’re like ‘let’s step it up’, you know it’s time, it’s time. You know, start to get into it. You know, Alex our bass player, he’s so into it that he’s started to kind of come up to the front, really starting to own it. Jay‘s just starting to take it up… And yeah, it’s been really good. So every show has just consistently gotten better and better.”

Taylor further delved into how each member were chosen to perform with the band, you can hear his thoughts on that around 40 minutes in. That said, neither member appears to have earned a permanent position in the band just yet.

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