Rivers Of Nihil Debut New Song “Monarchy”


The title track to Rivers Of Nihil‘s new album “Monarchy” is now streaming. Metal Blade have the album itself headed for an August 21st release, while a music video will be shot this weekend with director David Brodsky (Gwar, Whitechapel). Bassist Adam Biggs commented:

“The whole album is a concept piece, lyrically. It follows the struggles of a new breed of intelligent life on a planet earth that is now essentially a vast, oceanless desert. These beings, as humans did long before them, create a ruling class that dominates the masses through religious fear. By the time we reach the title track, this “Monarchy” is in full swing. Musically, the track expresses this dominant oppression via an exploration of our heavy, groove-oriented side. This one is a bruiser, but it doesn’t abandon our taste for blast beats, fierce riffs, lead work and an overall sense of shred.”

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[via No Clean Singing]