The Dillinger Escape Plan Aim To Weed Out Homophobic Fans With “Gayest Shirt Of All Time”


Yesterday saw The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s LGBT benefit shirt run into copyright snags. An unfortunately expected side effect was a negative backlash from fans against the bands acceptance of the LGBT community. In a bid to further weed out the homophobes in their fanbase, the band have now released what they are calling the “gayest shirt of all time by any band.” Feast your eyes on that below:

The Dillinger Escape Plan's Rainbow Unicorn Shirt

“So after everything yesterday, the thing that still stuck out the most were the random comments we had to delete, and some we didn’t, of people who were somehow disappointed in our stance on gay marriage. Not many, but still, even one is shocking. So now, to violently weed those people out of our fanbase for good, we proudly give you the “gayest” shirt of all time by any band: a Pegasus, with a cock for a horn, ejaculating a giant rainbow, on a tie-dye…shit I mean rainbow soaked…tank top. For twenty four hours. Again, fifty percent of proceeds go to The Trevor Project. ”

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