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36 Crazyfists & Amerakin Overdose Members Clash Over Crowdfunding (Updated)


Update – June 08th 6:27pm:

Baltus himself has now commented directly on the story, clarifying that he was not targeting Amerikan Overdose. He stated:

“My post was not directed towards anyone in particular especially Amerikan Overdose. I’m very sorry for the misunderstanding as this was a general statement about gofundme, not about AOD. I have and never have had problems with this band or any of their members. Unfortunately this has been blown out of proportion and I hope that it blows over sooner than later. I have nothing but respect for AOD, I see how hard they work. This post wasn’t directed towards them or any one in particular. I’m sorry to those I have offended, I never meant it to be a personal attack. That is not what it was. “

Original Story:

It would appear that a bit of a feud has emerged between members of 36 Crazyfists and Amerakin Overdose. As the story goes, both bands recently played a show together in Portland, OR. Amerakin Overdose are in the midst of this crowdfunding campaign and apparently promoted it during their performance. The band are hoping to raise funds via the campaign to finish their new album and help with the costs of touring out to their performance at this years ‘Gathering Of The Juggalos‘. Having taken issue with the bands promotion of the campaign, 36 Crazyfists drummer Kyle Baltus took to his Facebook on the matter, posting:

36 Crazyfists' Kyle Baltus

His comment did not sit well with Amerakin Overdose singer Cody Perez, who replied via a Facebook post of his own:

Amerakin Overdose

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