Mastodon On Game Of Thrones

Mastodon Made It On To ‘Game Of Thrones’ Thanks To Co-Creator D.B. Weiss’ Love Of Metal


Mastodon drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor has chatted with The Wall Street Journal regarding the bands recent appearance on recent appearance on ‘Game Of Thrones. As it turns out, the group got to take part at the invitation of the TV show’s co-creator D.B. Weiss, who himself is a metalhead. Dailor said of that:

“When we found out that Dan was a big fan of the band, I was like, ‘I knew that guy was a metalhead!’”

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The band spent a day filming on location in Ireland last November, with Dailor relaying of the shoot:

“So yeah, you just kind of sit and wait for your part, and they put us up front and basically had Bill and Brent lay down in the mud. I got stabbed in the stomach and my throat slit. They just kept doing that over and over again. I decided after six or seven times that it wouldn’t be a bad way to go.”

For more on that and a story about a white walker wanting his hot chocolate, hit up the The Wall Street Journal.

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